Friday, June 6, 2014

Catching Up

This will be a quick one. I have been all over the place trying my best to catch up with my courses making sure I get as much done this summer as possible. I am mostly done with Ethical Hacking, Algebra review, and Cisco CCNA training. I am also about half-way through the larger classes, Standford CS106A and Udacity CS101. I intend to finish Ethical Hacking, Algebra review, and CCNA training before the end of next week and get mostly done with CS101 and CS106A. This should be a good bit of hard work, but I don't think it is impossible. I am loving all that I am learning, it is almost too much at times, but I am taking very detailed notes so I can always easily go back and go back over anything that I forget. 

Welp, that is all for this time.
   - Shane