Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting Behind

    Well, this week has been quite unproductive and it is mostly my own fault. I was gone for the weekend to see a concert for a band that my cousin was in, so I didn't do anything towards my learning. Which isn't a terrible thing since we all need to take breaks and relax every now and then. Then I got back Monday and most of the day and all of the night I spent celebrating my best friends going away party, because he was leaving for the Marines and on Tuesday I headed to Tampa with him and a few other good friends to see him off, but he ended up not leaving that day. On Wednesday I was quite tired, but I did work some on a math course I have started taking from Udacity, which I will get into later, but I didn't do anything else productive towards my learning. Then on Thursday I started getting back into things, I did my regular two classes for Thursdays and then I looked into the CCNA from Cisco, and I will get more into that as well. Now it is Friday and I feel like I have accomplished almost nothing this week. Not to mention I have been feeling down about my life long friend leaving, even though he ended up not leaving on Wednesday, he will be leaving officially on June 9th. But, that is life and I know I need to keep pushing forward, so I am going to be working myself a lot harder this coming week to get myself back on track.

Now about the math class and CCNA. The math class from Udacity is an introductory Algebra review class, and the reason I am doing it is because I am very far behind in math and I really need to brush up on even the basics before I can do anything else. The last actual math class I took was almost 2 years ago now, and I ended up failing partly due to my lack of effort at the time and partly because the professor was very hard to learn from, but I don't want to blame him for my failing. So now I am playing catch up with my math knowledge and since there is a lot of math involved in Computer Science I am really hoping that this doesn't hurt me. The CCNA certification from Cisco is something I decided to look into and even though most of what it has to do with isn't directly involved with the area of Comp. Sci. I intend to go into, I am still interested in all of that information, such as Networking, TCP\IP, etc.. So I found a course from a man named Andrew Crouthamel just recently and I am getting into that now as well. I am not prioritizing that class though, since I want to make sure I stay on track with my other courses, it is basically something I am doing on the side like the Ethical Hacking class. I currently don't intend on taking the actual test to get CCNA certified mostly for the reason that it is too expensive for me, but I may do it in the future. I only intend to have the knowledge I would need to pass that exam.

Welp, I suppose that is it for this week.
    - Shane