Friday, May 9, 2014

The Start of the Blog

Where should I begin? Well as the name of the website may suggest, my name is Shane. The reason I decided to start a blog is pretty simple, but I will tell it anyways. I was listening to the .NET Rocks! podcast as I lay in bed last night (May 8th, 2014) and the special guest John Sonmez was talking about expanding your future as a developer and since that is seemingly my goal in life, I listened pretty closely. The main thing that got through to me that I knew I could apply to my life right now, was blogging. How does this help? Well, to put it in a lot fewer words than were used, it gets your name 'out there' and also develops essential skills, such as writing and communicating your thoughts.
Now, more about me. As was hinted at in the previous paragraph, I intend to go down the career path of a software developer. Currently I am 20 years of age and in college. My college, sad to say, is very poor in teaching the area of Computer Science, but because of me having no income and coming from a poor family, I have to go where I can afford with financial aid. So the main way I am currently getting my 'education' is online. I am currently taking the approach of focusing on 1 course at a time, but after the current course I am taking I plan on taking on 2 or maybe even 3 at a time, especially since it is summer time now and more free time is inevitable. The current course I am taking is a course on edX offered by Harvard called cs50x and I am greatly enjoying it so far.

What are my plans for this blog?
Well, I intend to update this blog once a week. And the subjects will vary, but I mostly plan to focus on my journey of learning Computer Science through the internet and the joys and woes that come along with it.

Welp, I am not sure how I will end these, but for now I will just simple say.